Selected Teaching Evaluations

  • “Well prepared for class.”
  • “Able to understand her ideas well. Helps us summarise our learnings every week before tutorial begins.”
  • “Passionate and responsible. Well prepared beforehand. Brief but important recap is given before”
  • “Discussing tut questions. Clearly explain the questions step by step, easy to understand. Enable us to have an application of the theories learnt in lecture.”
  • “Very responsible. She sometimes prepare her own notes to further explain tutorial questions.”
  • “She is clear in her explanation and most of us could understand. Her lessons were engaging and good.”
  • “Clear explanation and very approachable”
  • “She will go through the key points of the lectures in class before going through the tutorial questions.”
  • “Make time for student’s consultation and provide detailed explanation during tutorials to enhance student’s understanding of concept. Always gave overview of the concept taught for each tutorial.”
  • “Clear explaination, the brief summary at the start of tutorial allow me to understand the topic better compared to the lectures.”
  • “Very friendly and approachable. She is very enthusiastic during lessons and also provides us a good summary of what we need to know each tutorials which is very beneficial to especially the weaker students. Her explanations are clear and it is really interesting to attend her tutorials.”

Thank you, students, for allowing me to share my passion!